Frequently Asked Questions


Our loyalty card works just like the traditional paper made “stamps card”. You’ll receive one stamp for every crêpe you buy at a participating location. When you collect 9 stamps you’ll get a Free Crêpe voucher for your next visit. To collect stamps you would use the built in scanner included in the app, to scan a barcode shown to you by our staff.

How do I get stamps?
Every time you buy a crêpe we’ll give you a stamp. To stamp, simply press the ‘Stamp now’ button to bring up a scanner, then hover the scanner over the QR code – shown by our server – in order to ‘stamp’. If successful, a confirmation will appear.

What if I buy few crêpes?
That’s fine, you’ll receive stamps according to the number of crepes you bought (up to 10 in one day). If needed our staff will let you scan the barcode several times so you’ll get all the stamps you are eligible for.

What happens if the scan doesn’t work?
If the scan fails, check with your server and try again. You may exit the app and shut it down (from the task manager), then reload it to try again. If that still doesn’t work email us from the ‘We love feedback’ form on the app and choose the ‘Issue with the app’ option.


What is it?
Tiers are Loyalty Tiers and they are set according to the frequency in which you visit us. The more crêpes you buy the higher the tier. As you achieve a higher tier you’ll get better rewards!

What are the loyalty Tiers?
We have 3 loyalty tiers:

TIER STAMPS (within the rolling 90 days) PERK
BRONZE 0-9 10th crêpe free + free crêpe on your birthday
SILVER 10-19 Bronze + any free topping with a crêpe purchase
GOLD 20+ Silver + double stamps + exclusive quarterly prize draw

How do I move between Tiers?
Your Tier is defined based on the number of stamps earned in the last 90 days. Your tier appears on the Tiers page in the app and on the Monthly Statement email. We will notify you when you’re upgraded to a new tier and warn you before a downgrade to lower tier.

How do I get my Tier benefits?
That’s easy, simply show your tier badge (from the “Tiers” page in the app) to a member of our staff when ordering or before paying.


Can I manage my Crêpeaffaire Club account online?
Not yet. At the moment the Club is only available as an app.

Which smartphones are supported by the Crêpeaffaire Club app?
Our club app runs on iPhones and Android phones (Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, Sony etc). We currently do not offer the app for Windows phones and hope to add it later on.

Where can I use the Crêpeaffaire Club app?
You can use the app to collect credit and redeem your rewards in all the participating Crêpeaffaire locations in the UK. Check out the “Our Locations” list on the app for the updated list of participating locations.

What happens if I change my phone?
No worries. Your account details are all saved remotely (like Gmail and other email services) so you will not lose your credit. Simply download the app to your new phone, then login to retrieve your existing account details.

Why does the app require user location?
Your location helps us determine that you are in store and make sure you receive the credit you deserve.

Who can I contact if I have any issues?
You can message us via the “Contact us” page in the app or alternatively email us at